KNEB as the National Liaison Office for the International Atomic Energy Agency has received a call for nomination for the below scholarships

      1.  China IAEA scholarships at Harbin Engineering University (HEU) under the framework of TC Project INT2018 –

          “Supporting Knowledgeable Decision-making and Building Capacities to Start and Implement Nuclear Power Programmes”.

           a.  Master's degree programme (3 years) and

           b.  Doctoral degree programme (4 years)

      2.  Russian Scholarships for Masters and PhD


If you are interested to undertake the above scholarships, please fill the attached introductory template and send your curriculum Vitae to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for consideration.

Click here to download Training Scholarships for more details.

The deadline for submission is Wednesday, 7th March 2018.


KNEB is an equal opportunity employer. Persons with disability, women, youth and marginalinalized groups are encouraged to apply.

There are currently no vacancies at the moment



Who works in the Nuclear Industry

Nuclear  energy  is  not  just for  nuclear  engineers.  Nuclear energy facilities employ workers across myriad technical and non-technical disciplines. Highly trained and licensed employees operate nuclear reactors and are supported by engineers of various  types  such  as health physicists, instrumentation and control workers, skilled craftspeople such as welders, carpenters and other professionals.
The industry presents  job opportunities to workers across a broad range of disciplines and thus not limited to engineering. Nuclear utilities and other nuclear energy companies require a massive investment in humanresource capacity

Types of Nuclear Careers

Chemical  Engineering& Structural Engineering Computer  Engineering Electrical Engineering Environmental  Engineering Industrial Engineering Materials Engineering Mechanical  Engineering Nuclear Engineering
Communications & Public Affairs Human  Resources & Administration Supply Chain/Procurement
Finance & Accounts/ Economics & Statistics Nuclear Law Welders & Craftsmen Project Management Occupational & Radiation Safety Security

Nuclear   expertise   is   developed    and   nurtured throughout the lifecycle  of nuclear power plants to achieve excellence in safe delivery and operation.  Nuclear professionals must be well  versed  as  they are held with the responsibility of protecting  the environment   by  supporting  emission-free   nuclear   power plants. Nuclear engineers research, design, develop,  operate and maintain the  machinery  and equipment  cases  used  to produce power through controlled nuclear chain. Environmental safety  and  radiological  protection  are essential concerns for nuclear engineers.