NuPEA Library

Nuclear Power and Energy Agency seeks to not only create awareness about Nuclear Energy but to also provide in-depth  knowledge on nuclear matters to create an informed society capable of making knowledgeable decisions. NuPEA library is a Member of the  International Nuclear Library Network (INLN) whose aim is to:

  1. Create a global nuclear information and knowledge management initiative aiming to strengthen international cooperation in nuclear information resource sharing and to;
  2. Leverage technology and information flows to deliver point-of-need access to information services for nuclear researchers.

NuPEA Library has a rich collection of titles by world leading authors in various aspects of nuclear energy. The resources are available to the public and be accessed from the library and/or borrowed for research purposes.

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Fission Magazine

NuPEA'S corporate publication: The Fission Magazine, is the medium through which the activities, events and happenings of Kenya's Nuclear Power Programme are disseminated to the public. A publication which weaves the narrative of the nuclear electricity, it encapsulates the factors and the actors in Kenya's quest toward nuclear electricity generation. The same can be downloaded below: