Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS) for Kenya’s Nuclear Power Programme

The  Government has  prioritized  energy  as  a key  input  in the country’s  development   process. In its road  map towards  this  objective, the  Ministry  of Energy  and Petroleum has  set in place  plans to substantially  expand  power  generation  capacity  by more  than  5000MWSeptember  2013. 

Power  will be a  key  driver in realizing  the  envisaged  annual economic   growth of double  digits. The  demand  for the installed  capacity will  come from  the proposed rail, ICT  parks  and the LAPSSET  project. One of the  components  of  the LAPSSETCrude  Oil Pipeline  from  Hoima  to Lamu  through  Lokichar,  where tender  for a  Lead  Consultant to  carry  out   a  feasibility  study,   undertake   preliminary  engineering    designs  and   to  supervise implementation    of  the   project,  has   been   advertised  with   the   project   schedule   tarcompletion  in October  2017.  

Additional  demand will  be created by the  investments arising  from devolution  including  the targeted  universal access  to electricity  by 2020.

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