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Energy and petroleum PS Eng.Joseph Njoroge officialy opens the Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review (INIR) Mission at the Intercontinental Hotel, Nairobi.

Stakeholder representatives of the Kenya nuclear power programme and international experts from IAEA pose for a group photo during the launch of INIR Mission.

PS ENG. Joseph Njoroge and Ann Starz from IAEA respond to questions filled by the press during a joint press conference

A Peaceful dusk approaches at a Nuclear Power Plant Site....

A basic representation of a pressurized water reactor. It is among the technologies that Kenya will be researching on during the feasibility studies

Establishment of KNEB

Kenya’s Vision 2030 which is the country’s development blueprint points to energy as an enabler. The Nuclear Electricity Project Committee was established under the aegis of the Ministry of Energy through The Kenya Gazette Notice No. 14188 of 19th November 2010. NEPC has since been transformed into a statutory body under the State Corporations Act (Cap 446) through Legal Notice No. 131 dated 16th November 2012.

It was hereinafter renamed Kenya Nuclear Electricity  Board (KNEB). Its raison d’etre is to realize Kenya’s  Vision 2030 by fast tracking the development of nuclear power in order to enhance the production of affordable and reliable electricity.

Mandate : To fast track the development of nuclear electricity generation in Kenya.
Vision: Safe, efficient and reliable nuclear technology for electricity generation.
Mission.To Promote safe and secure application of nuclear technology for sustainable electricity generation and distribution in Kenya.
Core Values: Safety & Security, Clean Environment Integrity, Professionalism, Transparency and Accountability, Innovation, Efficiency.

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